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I like sites that have visual and logical clarity—simple, with ease of navigation, access to what's most important, yet depth in sub-categories for a more complete look at what is offered. Few bells and whistles to slow the works down.


The 3 samples shown are original/non-template sites done on the Wix platform.  I take on only a few site projects a year. For more info . . .


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I have designed PR materials—postcards, brochures, catalogs—to books, CD & vinyl packages, buisness cards & stationery. Most recently, I designed the "2019 | Great Day in Queens" calendar for photographer Jonathan Kane and the Queens Borough Council. I designed the Educational Materials Binder for Teachers for the Brooklyn Children's Museum as well as a series of media guidebooks for Media Development Investment Fund. The examples shown here are an exhibition catalog for painter Jackie Battenfield, a CD package for the duo Soldier Kane, and for release in 2018, the vinyl package (including page inserts adapted from Susan Archie design for BEAR book & CD) for Anderson & Brokaw's 'The Night She Slept with a Bear.' For more info . . .

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My goal is to meet a client’s practical needs and to reflect their personal or collective style while offering a coherent, graceful design solution. The interiors I have designed range from buildouts of raw space to reconfiguration of existing space to floor plan and furniture only. The project shown is for a not-for-profit organization, Media Development Investment Fund, for which I have designed 4 separate office spaces. 

I am available on a limited basis only. For more info . . .

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