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Ruby-colored Glass

dowsing/we find our way in 5 colors (odysseus)


. . . so from water does the soul. 

           – Heraclitus/fragment 68


she says:

the sea/the sea —




the-Iodined-Pacific-Blue —

no other salted water smells so life enthralling.


he says:

the pond/the pond —

a tablespoon of my bone chips still inhabits


the water-verge

where minnows spawn —

& waterflow reflects the sun/a-Pale-Pellucid-Gold.


(yet in his absent heart the reef off isla santa barbara waits.)


she could say:

the lake/the lake — the young man/

his step-dad/drifting in a-small-wooden-boat —


drinking beer/catching catfish in the-

Haunt-Black ozark shadows.

the contented/lucent child-



them — kaleidoscopes

Gold-Violet in the dip of sun.


(yet she’s seen too many waterbodies made waste&spoil.)


he could say:

take me home to salty-water.


&/so — she will.

this Ruby-colored water-glass turns water into

wine or whatever one might wish:


your finest streaming ocean/endless salty reach.

dowsing/we find our way in 5 colors

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