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The Hem of Her Skirt linked-panel paintings began as studies for and improvisations related to sections of The Garden at Midnight paintings. I had done patterning of small elements into larger ones throughout different genres of work—Spanish Bride for one—but the difference with these is that I started thinking of the act of linking more in terms of 'hem' and 'stepped-down.' I had dreamed my old, 1-blue-eyed dog Zuli was born out of the hem of the voudoun goddess Erzuli's skirt—love goddess—goddess of elemental forces, of beauty, of dancing, flowers, jewels, and pretty clothes. 


As with the GofM paintings the addition of the acrylic gems is not simply decorative—it's also counting, knitting or prayer. Another important piece of the work for me is scale as it relates to the act of hand to wall to hem—and the haptic sense of the spaces between.


Linked Panel Paintings: 

Acrylic, interference and fluorescent paint, oil stick, china marker, plastic gems, porcelain roses, and half pearls on wood panels and Hem/Coatlicue is on heavy-weight velour.



90 x 160 inches/228.6 x 406.4 cm. 11 Panels. 

This is the only one of these not on wood panels. It grew from the velour curtain I did for the dance environment Heaven + Earth.


18 x 72 inches/45.22 x 182.88 cm. 4 panels.


22 x 81 inches/55.88 x 205.74 cm. 3 panels.


Hem of Her Skirt
13 x 91 inches/33.02 x 231.14 cm. 7 panels.



13 x 91 inches/33.02 x 231.14 cm. 7 panels.


Hem/Rose Garden

11 x 91 inches/27.94 x 231.14 cm. 7 panels.


Little Hem/Garden

13 x 26 inches/33.02 x 66.06 cm. 2 panels.


Hem/Snow 2

13 x 30 inches/33.02 x 76.2 cm. 2 panels.



Hem Precursors:

• Hem/Spanish Bride

48 x 96 inches/121.92 x 243.84 cm.
Acrylic, fluorescent paint, graphite, china marker, plastic gems, and half pearls on 13 wood panels.

• Sun Wheel

38 x 114 inches/96.52 x 289.56 cm.

Mixed media on paper, 3 sections.

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